Cement Beaded Garland

Have you seen the cute cement beads from Pottery Barn? 

With all the wooden beaded garland in the decor aisles it's nice to find something a little different. 

I saw these beads on the PB website and knew I could recreate this look in minutes! 

See how I did it...

Recently I made a cement looking paint for ceramics and well, everything I could find actually. 

cement garland and pedestal dish

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It was a very popular post and it was easy to make with something you probably have in your kitchen. 

cement painted urn

You can find that DIY post by visiting the bold blue link. 

Chippy Cement Paint for Ceramics

Today I'm using that cement paint to create the look on wooden beads. 

cement paint and brush

I added a small amount of brown to the grey paint to look like real discolored cement. 

I put 10 wooden beads on a wooden skewer.

wooden beads on skewer


At both ends of the skewer I put a bead of hot glue to hold the beads on the skewer. 

cement paint and beads

I dabbed several coats of cement paint on the beads and stuck them in styrofoam to dry. 

cement beds on a stick

Next, I separated strands of thick jute.

cement beads and jute

I'm using 2 of the strands for this garland. 

jute twine in sections

I wrapped tape around the end so the jute would easily fit through the beads. 

taped jute and cement beads

Between each bead I tied a loose knot. 

cement beads on jute

beaded jute garland

That's it, my knock-off looks just like the designer beads at a fraction of the cost. 

beaded jute garland

At the end I added 3 beads and a tassel to finish off the garland. 

cement beads on a pedestal dish

I love the cement look! 

pin button

cement beads in a dish with letters


pedestal dish with garland and overlay

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cement beads and jute


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