American Flag Tiered Shelf

 Here is a cute project and it is just in time to make for the Fourth of July.

I'm repurposing one of the tiered shelves from the Target dollar spot. I think we all have one or at least I see a ton of them in the thrift stores. 

So if you have one and you're tired of the look like I was then you'll love this fun idea to jazz it up a bit.

Take a look...

American flag tiered shelf overview

So like I said I began with a Target dollar spot tiered shelf. They were selling them for about $3.00 a few years back. Mine was collecting dust in the basement so today I'm giving it a new look. 

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The first thing I did was to get rid of the junky shelves that were on the tray. They were a very thin wood-like material. 

tiered shelf with wooden shelves removed and replaced

I replaced the shelves with pieces of repurposed rustic wood I had in the basement. I just traced the old shelves and cut out new ones. 

I found this great product from Piglet's Closet. It is a rice paper image of an American flag that is the perfect amount of realistic looking. 

American flag rice paper image

I cut the flag in half which made it just about the perfect size for my shelves. 

rice paper American flag cut in half

First, I painted the sides of the shelves with red, which I decided later was a little bright so I used dark wax on it in the end to tone it down. 

red painted shelf sides and bottle of paint

When the paint dried I spread Mod Podge all over the top of the shelf and then laid the rice paper on and smoothed it down. 

mod podge on wooden shelf

I used a rolling pin to be sure to have no bubbles but truthfully rice paper goes down super easily! 

rolling pin on shelf with flag image

You will notice I left an overhanging edge of paper on both shelves. 

shelves with flag on box

When the Mod Podge dried I used a sanding block to sand off the overhanging edges of the rice paper flag. 

sanding block and flag shelf

Sanding left an edge that was slightly lighter than I wanted so I went around the edges with a distressing stamp pad. 

sanded and distressed shelves with stamp pad

Next, I did another coat of Mod Podge right over the top of the flag. 

mod podge over top of flag image

My next step was to go around the red edges with a dark wax to give it a darker look. 

dark wax and shelves

When the Mod Podge dried I screwed the shelves back into the rack and I was done. 

tiered tray with American flag and banner

It came out adorable! I tied a small ripped red striped cloth ribbon around the handle and called it a day! 

tiered tray with frog and sign

This is the cutest tray now for the Fourth of July and for all summer long! 

flag tiered tray with bow


tiered tray with banner and frog and sign

You can display small items on the shelf or use it for small desserts or appetizers. 

tray with flag and frog with sign


American flag decoupaged shelves

I love the look of this flag and the rice paper was really easy to work with.

tiered tray with elf

Update: This little cutie sold in a minute at the craft fair last weekend! 

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flag tiered tray with overlay

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flag tiered tray with red white and blue banner

Piglet's Closet provided me with the rice paper American flag, all opinions are my own. 


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