Easy and Inexpensive Vegetable Garden Markers

We need garden markers right? I mean do you remember where you planted what? 

I think most of us that do a small garden only use markers for decoration, at least I do. 

Today I'm making some very inexpensive and easy garden markers that use no special machines or stencils. 

Take a look...

crate of zinnias and blue plates

I began with a package of the larger 21" paint sticks from Home Depot that have a ruler on one side. They also make them in a 6" size for smaller markers

package of paint sticks

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I wanted this project to be as quick and easy as possible so I peeled off the bottom of the package of paint sticks and used a saw to cut them all at once. 

package of sticks with a point

The sticks stayed together very well and since the pointy end will be in the dirt anyway, it doesn't matter how neat they look. 

paint sticks on screen

I gave each stick a quick sanding when I removed them from the package. 

paint sticks with a point

Next, using this beautiful spray paint called Oregano, I painted both sides of the sticks with 2 coats. 

painted sticks on cardboard

Once the sticks were dry I used a Sharpie paint pen to hand letter the vegetables and flowers I was going to plant. No need to buy a set of markers with vegetables you aren't even using. But be sure to get the oil based set of markers. I used the water based and had to seal them at the end. 

sharpie paint pens

I hand lettered then used a thinner Sharpie permanent marker to draw a small vegetable on each marker. 

hand labeled vegetable markers

I used colored Sharpie permanent markers to color in the vegetables. And lastly, I gave each stick a coat of spray sealer.

plant markers with little veggie pictures

That's it! 

zinnia marker in crate with plant


crate of plates and zinnias

The easiest DIY project around and they look adorable stuck in my plants. 

bean plant and marker

Once the garden is finished I'll be labeling all the new vegetables we are planting. 

outdoor decor and plant marker

Update: Now that the garden is underway I'll show you just how cute they look next to a new tomato plant.

tomato plant and tomato stake

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garden marker in crate with overlay

I hope you'll give this project a try, the best part is that it's easy and inexpensive. You can make new ones every year! 


crate of blue plates and zinnias

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vegetable plant markers


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