Hanging Planter and a Vintage Pulley

Recently I had the opportunity to grab a bunch of vintage items from a store that was changing it's look. 

I grabbed old tools and wooden boxes, along with vintage metal cans and a few things I wasn't even sure what they were. 

Today I'm repurposing the very large pulley that was in the haul.

Take a look...

Hanging pulley planter on fence with pansies

These are the supplies I gathered to create a hanging planter from a vintage pulley.

supplies for vintage pulley planter on table

All these items that are pretty easy to find. You can even use a large new vintage looking pulley from the hardware store

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First, I drilled three holes in the sides of the galvanized tin I was using. I spaced the holes evenly around the top edge. 

galvanized tin with holes

Next, I drilled holes in the bottom of the tin for drainage. 

holes in bottom of galvanized tin

The three strand chain from Dollar Tree has a hook at the top and three hooks at the bottom. 

three strand chain with hooks

I attached the bottom hooks into the holes around the tin.

galvanized tin with hooks and chain


That's all I needed to do for this part. 

galvanized planter hanging from chains

Next, I grabbed my large pulley. The pulley had a big hole in the top so it was perfect to hang the top hook from the chain. 

hole in top of pulley

I wrapped two lengths of chain around the pulley and the third hung in the back. 

pulley with chains on fence

The pulley now holds the hanging chain and tin. 

pulley on fence with planter

Fill it with a pot of flowers and that's it! 

pulley and planter with pansies on fence

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hanging planter and overlay pin

It looks gorgeous hanging on a large S hook on the fence. The S hook was also from Dollar Tree. 

pulley hanging from fence with ladder

It can also hang from the back of our deck where I have many repurposed containers of flowers and a ladder I made from two old boards. 

planter and ladder on back of fence with flowers


ladder with pulley and planter with pansies

Decorating the garden with vintage items and what some may call junk is fun and an inexpensive way to add character. 

ladder with hanging planter


pulley planter hanging on fence

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pulley planter on fence with pansies



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