Repurposed Locally Grown Plant Carrier

One of my favorite things to do is to try to replicate something I've seen. 

I do it often with my own twist. Recently I saw an herb box I just loved and I wanted to make my own version of it. 

There was one part in particular I knew I could replicate by repurposing something I already had on hand. 

Take a look...

wooden grey box with a plant

I loved the rustic herb box I saw online and as much as I tried I could not find the source of the photo. The best I could find was a tumbler account that no longer existed. An image search didn't even help. 

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I'm sharing this photo and the source I had for it. Hopefully someone along the way will recognize this photo and let me know. 

wooden herb box with plants

Looking at this plant box, the part I liked best was the triangular part at the top. To me it looked like the legs of a tray table! 💡 And that is exactly what I used! The legs of a tray table and a vintage wooden paper organizer box. These are available all the time at garage sales and I'm sure I'm not the only one with a few in the depths of my garage! 

tray table on blue tablecloth

The first thing I did was to open up the tray table and cut the legs just above the joint with a circular saw. 

tray table legs and circular saw

This gave me the triangular tent shaped piece I needed.

leg attached to wooden box


Next, I attached the wooden box to the bottom using wood glue and screws at the legs. 

attaching legs to wooden tray

Once I got the piece put together I searched around for a piece of wood in the scrap box that could be the sign I needed for the front of the box. I used wood glue and nails to attach the sign to the front. 

front piece attached with a clamp

Now it was time to paint. I brought the plant box to the middle of my kitchen to work where I had more light. 

If you love that crate organizer for my sink essentials you can read all about it here.

planter box on kitchen counter

I filled the holes in the front part of the box with wood filler. 

filling wood sign with filler

Once I got into the light I realized that I forgot the handle I wanted to add to the top of the box. 

painted planter box without handle

I cut an old canvas frame apart to used a piece that fit between the cross bars. I find scrap wood everywhere! 

adding a wooden handle

I attached the handle with nails and wood glue then painted it to match the rest of the box. I'm using Little Lamb by Fusion Mineral Paint. It is a great neutral color and it holds up very well outdoors. 

locally grown stencli

I painted the whole piece then used the Locally Grown Herbs stencil from Old Sign Stencils for the sign on the front. The only part I really wanted was the 'locally grown' part of the stencil. 

stenciled locally grown on front of box

Once the paint was dry I distressed the edges then used a dark wax to "dirty up" the paint. I brushed on the dark wax in random places and let it dry. I think it made the box look old and used which is just the look I was going for. 

dark wax on planter

dirty it up with dark wax

wooden planter with stencil and dark wax

All that was left to do now was to fill it with plants from the potting bench I built. 

wooden crate with flower pots

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repurposed planter with pots and a plant and overlay


Plant carrier with purple flowers

I think this planter box will be a great addition to my potting bench and the handle (that I almost forgot to add) is perfect for carrying a few small plants from place to place. 

planter with flowers on outdoor chippy bench

I ended up with just the planter box I wanted and I had a lot of fun creating it! 

plant carrier with basket and seedlings


wooden crate with plants and pots

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planter with pots and plants

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