Rustic American Flag Shelf Sitter

 My advice for today is to never throw out an old wooden roller shade, especially the ones with the larger slats. 

I have made a ton of projects using just one broken wooden roller shade including the fun patriotic one today! 

Take a look!...

rustic American flag on shelf with other decorations

First of all I began with a wooden roller shade.

wooden roller shade

You can often find them in the thrift store or if you use them in your home like I do, you know the cord gets tangled, the wood gets dry, and they need to be replaced. I have one hanging in my basement and since I've been using it on so many projects, it is getting smaller and smaller! 

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Today I'm creating a rustic American flag on a flagpole to decorate for the summer months and you can bet I'm using the crafty tote I made recently to store my supplies

craft tote with supplies

These are the supplies you will need to make a repurposed American flag:

  • an old wooden roller shade 
  • blue and white paint
  • hot glue

  • a stand of some kind

First I cut and frayed a piece of drop cloth material into the size I wanted my flag to be.

frayed muslin rectangle of fabric

Next I cut 3 longer wooden "stripes" and 3 shorter stripes for my flag. If you don't have a wooden shade you can use popsicle sticks but your flag will be smaller. 

wooden sticks and wire cutter

I used Tacky Glue to attach the wooden stripes to my flag.

Tacky Glue to attach slats to flag

When all the stripes were in place it was time to do the field of blue and the star. 

drop cloth flag with wooden slats

Next, I painted the square of drop cloth that was left in the corner blue with craft paint. 

field of blue

How to make a field of blue with a star on an American flag:

Now it was time for the star. I'm using a star from the large Bingo stencil from Old Sign Stencils. It was the perfect size for my field of blue! I just love how you can use bits and pieces of the Old Sign Stencils for many projects! 

star stencil from Bingo stencil

I stenciled the star with the same white craft paint as the stripes. Then using white craft paint I painted every other stripe in my flag. I'm leaving the "red" stripes the natural wood color. 

blue field with white stenciled star

Next, I attached another wooden slat from the shades to the side of the flag. 

American flag with sticks

I hot glued another wooden slat to the top-back of the flag so it would stand out straight.

wooden slat for stabilizing

I needed a flagpole now so I used a dowel drilled and nailed into a wooden base. If you don't want to use a flagpole, you can attach something to the back of the flag to hang it. 

wooden dowel on a base

I stained the base and the flagpole with a stain that would match the slats from the shade.

stained dowel and base flagpole

I realized at this point that I was going to need to add some weight to my flagpole so I slid a heavy metal nut to the bottom of the base. 

large nut on wooden base for weight


Lastly, I glued the flag to the flagpole with hot glue. 

standing American flag on flagpole

I covered the nut and the base with Spanish moss to cover the base and it looks great! 

Spanish moss on base of flag

I decided in the end to tie a small drop cloth bow around the flagpole and I was done! 

American flag on flagpole with bow

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American flag on pole with overlay

I think this little flag looks adorable and has a great rustic vintage feel too! 

American flag on a shelf


American flag on wooden table runner

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shelf with wooden flag and firecrackers

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wooden slat American flag


American flag on table

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mixed media American flag on table

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