Garden Vegetable Hod from Repurposed Parts

 Do you know what a garden hod is? If you don't, I didn't either. 

I called it a basket, a basket to gather vegetables from the garden. Or a basket for eggs from the chicken coop.

As soon as I figured out what it was I was ready to make one of my own and with the pieces I found on the side of the road... today was the day! 

Take a look...

Kitchen counter with garden hod and soap caddie

Now truth be told my garden hod is not a true garden hod. I am not going to use it to carry to the garden because it's going to be made with repurposed parts with a heavy base. But for leaving it on the counter and filling it with vegetables... it's perfect!

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On my way to the grocery store today I spied some cool vintage wooden pieces on the side of the road. I drove right by and decided I was going to pick them up on my way home. Don't you know I was so distracted thinking about those pieces I forget half of what I went shopping for. 

antique tools

In the end I got the pieces!  I brought them home, wiped them down then got to work. I have no idea what these pieces used to be but they had authentic stamped words and the rusty brackets are amazing! (oh and that's my shaggy puppy Sam 🐶)

dog and antique tools

The first thing I did was to look for a basket around my house I could use with these pieces. Now I know you'll never find pieces like these but my hopes are that you will see things differently when you do find something cool and think about what they can be and how you can use them. 

cut antique wooden pieces

I measured the basket and cut the wood keeping the rusty metal brackets in place. 

basket on base of garden basket

I cut 2 more pieces of the handle to use as legs on the bottom of the piece. 

wooden pieces for legs

Next, I laid out the wooden pieces side by side in opposite directions and attached them using the legs, wood glue and screws. 

bottom side of basket base

Once the glue on the base was dry I used a dark stain to stain all the cut ends of the base to make them match the original color. 

staining the cut edges of wood

Figuring out how I was going to attach the handle was the hardest part...

handle in basket

After trying several options, I cut the handle to the size I wanted, drilled a hole in the bottom and screwed through the base. The screw goes through the basket and into the bottom of the handle.

screw through the bottom of base

My garden hod will sit on my extra large kitchen island along with the rustic soap organizer I made that matches it perfectly! 

garden hod basket with handle

This rustic garden hod holds so many vegetables from my garden! A true summer project! 

garden hod and baskets of vegetables

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repurposed garden basket with vegetables

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vintage parts and basket garden hod

If anyone knows what these pieces could possibly have been I'd love to know! The wooden handle is an amazing piece. 

kitchen counter with caddies and garden baskets


baskets of vegetables on kitchen counter

Making home decor from repurposed side of the road finds is one of my favorite kind of projects to make. I'll go back to the grocery for the things I forgot later! 

garden basket with mercantile sign


basket with handle and vegetables

vegetables and hod from garden

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rustic basket with handle and base


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