Aluminum Cornered Crate

This crate began life as the leg of a sawhorse... 

I love the old paint on the wood.

Using an old aluminum mini loaf pan 
and tin snips, I cut pieces of the trays to use as corners...

The aluminum is soft and easy to pry the trays apart...

Using the corner of the wooden crate, 
I shaped each metal corner to the box using a hammer, 
then screwed the metal into place.

The handle is the heavy aluminum wire that was 
holding all the tins together...

Using one more piece of aluminum from the trays
I made an attachment for the handle. 
(Really more decorative than functional)
If you wanted to make the handle more sturdy it could be pushed all the way
through the metal fastener and the wire bent up like a hook...

The crate came out great, the aluminum looks like
galvanized steel and adds a lot of character to this crate.

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