Doodling at the Beach

8:29:00 PM

As much as I love the beach...
I just hate sitting there doing nothing.

I'm the kind of person that just can't sit still for long, I'm either getting up to rearrange something in the room or starting a new project.

It's the same at the beach... I need something to do.

Today, after I searched for driftwood, then searched some more for sea glass.

I painted.

I brought my paint markers (affiliate link) to the beach today and doodled.

I started out with driftwood sticks.

Then painted some rocks.

I even found a few little pieces of sea worn tile to draw on.

I sat on the beach on this beautiful day, 
looked out at the sailboats sailing by and doodled.

It was a great day!

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  1. they are all adorable! How do you like the paint sticks?

    1. I love paint sticks Lauren! They are easier to paint in lettering and small details... and they're portable like at the beach!

  2. Love this idea and am headed to the beach. I have never heard of paint sticks. What is the brand name and where are they found? I have driftwood and would love to copy your idea. Thanks!

    1. Hi Lynn...
      You can find Paint sticks at Michaels Craft Store (or probably any other too). The kind I used are called Permaopaque, when they were drying out in the hot sun on the wood I dipped them in the sea water and they perked right up again!

    2. Thanks, Susan. I have a 40% off coupon, so I am all set to dig into my driftwood pile!

  3. I love this "project!" I hope you leave a few around...I have no doubt they'll make someone else's day!

  4. So fun! Usually I just bring a good book, but this would be a great thing to do when the kids get distracted for longer than I thought they would. Or they can join in.

  5. You are too much, Susan! You could have sold some things while you were sitting there! : )

  6. ORIGINAL!!! I just love it when I see something I have never seen before. I think I will pin this. Thanks!

  7. Sounds like Heaven to me!! Love those numbered "buoys" cute and clever :) Laurel

  8. These are adorable! So creative. I'm the same way about the beach, we have a family beach cabin and I end up starting a million drift wood projects while I'm there because I need something to do!

  9. I imagined you leaving them still on the beach for some beach comer to come across them. What a pleasant surprise that would be to come across one of your artwork just lying on the beach!!

  10. You crack me up! Who sits and makes something darn cute while at the beach? Susan. Susan I. Craft, that's who.


  11. Too cute! I too have difficulty sitting still...some day when I am really really old, I will accomplish this! :)

  12. I'm the same way - I just can't sit there and do nothing. My boys love the beach and now you've inspired me to maybe do some doodling too next time we go. We do the drive on beach. Not Gilgo, the one right next to it. =)


  13. Susan,
    Super idea...sometimes I find it hard just to sit there too.



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