New Bun Feet

This is going to be a 2 part project... at least

First, I found these awesome, very old, oak bed parts on the side of the road.

Vintage headboard and footboards.

I swear I don't make this up, people throw out great stuff!

My husband was even with me, he didn't want to stop but I won.

Very, very, old and awesome but all I really want is the parts from these beds.

Especially those spindle tops!

Rest assured those headboard and footboard pieces will be showing up as awesome signs one of these days too!

Antique bed frame is perfect to use as pieces for my next project.

I have this big project I want to do, it has to do with painting kitchen cabinets.

Not all of them mind you, in my kitchen that is way too big of a job for me.

I have this desk area that I want to make look like a built-in hutch.

And here is where the bed comes in...

I chopped off the top of the bed spindles and made bun feet for under the cabinets out of them.

Repurposed bed spindles become bun feet in the kitchen.

You can see that my cabinets are in desperate need of paint and now the bun feet are too!

Bun feet added to kitchen cabinets before painting.

While I was at it I attached corbels to each side of the desk top.

All this prep before I actually paint the cabinets.

wooden corbels from the thrift store repurposed as kitchen corbels.

And this is where I'm leaving you...

*update* The hutch was painted French Linen and the corbels and bun feet are perfect! See it here.

Also check out the Headboard Message Center I made with another piece of this awesome find!

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