A Driftwood Hunt & A Crate

Driftwood in my world doesn't come from a store...

This is the North Shore of Long Island.

Pretty rocky, not like the beautiful white sand ocean of our South Shore, but beautiful anyway.

Today I dragged out my husband on this beautiful day, down to the beach for a driftwood hunt.

Not just any driftwood but driftwood boards. Pieces of old boats, docks, or old bleached-out  whatever that has floated to shore.

As you can see we collected a basket full.

It's kind of like nature's junkyard.

We walked all the way out to the point where the Long Island Sound was on one side of me.

And the bay was on the other.

We collected a ton of sun bleached boards today!

I'm thinking another trip to the beach for more treasures might be in order soon!

I brought the driftwood home and dumped it all into a pile so I could figure out which ones I could make into something with beachy awesomeness.

A few cuts and a little ornamental rusty hardware all came together for this project.

I especially love the pieces with paint still on them. 

I wonder what this wood used to be... a ship? a dock? 

How far did it drift?

And now a very cool crate with a mysterious history and special memories of a beautiful day at the beach.

Stay tuned ...

I love building crates!

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