A Perfect Image Transfer & A New Friend

This is a funny story about a chair, a perfect image transfer,
and a new friend.

You may remember the wedding chaiI made for my daughter's bridal shower.

bride to be chair

Well, one afternoon I got an email from a woman that owned a shop in a neighboring town.

She said she had a woman in her store that was looking for me.

The woman asked the shop owner if she had ever heard of a shop called Homeroad  and did she know where could she find me.

Funny thing is... I didn't have a shop. 

Well, I didn't when this post was written. 

The shop owner did located me through my blog, emailed me and gave me Joanne's number so I could reach her...

and I did.

Joanne was lovely! 

She was very excited to have found me.

Turns out she lives not far, follows Homeroad, 
saw my post on the wedding chair, and wanted to know if she could purchase one for her daughter's upcoming shower.

Bride to be chair

How exciting! 

Well, This might just be my very first sale so I made the chair for her.

She also bought a sign from my Etsy Shop...

We were both happy.

While I was making her chair, the image came out so well and was so easy to make I thought I'd share it with you.

rubbing off crown stencil

After painting the chair with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint, 
I printed a crown image from the graphics fairy

crown design for the chair

I cut it out very close to the crown including in between the inside pieces.

I coated the printed side with Modge Podge, flipped it over so the printed side was down, used a roller to roll out any bubbles, then let it dry overnight.

In the morning I wet the whole thing with this sponge. 

The sponge is a little abrasive but not much... 

I rubbed off the paper using the sponge and the image stayed on the chair.

I wasn't too gentle, I gave it a good rub.

rubbing paper off crown design

All the paper came off and left behind an absolutely perfect image. 

It is smooth as glass on the chair.

crown design on the chair

crown design on a chair

I gave the whole chair a light sanding to distress the corners, then a coat of furniture wax for protection.

bride to be chair with crown

white chair for bride to be

Joanne's chair is finished. 

She came by and picked it up, she is as nice in person as she was on the phone!

I hope her daughter loves the chair as much as mine did!

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