Nautical Number Tags

How to create the look of aged nautical tags...

Create weathered hang tags for nautical decor

These adorable nautical tags are made from the slats of a not-so-old crate that had been painted light blue.

Create a weathered look with repurposed hang tags from an old crate

Using the shop saw, I cut the slats into tag shapes, then sanded off some of the blue paint.

I dipped each tag into a vinegar/steel wool solution to get that old weathered, aged look.

Holes were drilled for jute to hang the tags.

Create a weathered look with repurposed hang tags

Each tag got a stenciled number.

Create a weathered look with repurposed hang tags

DIY stenciled weathered hang tags

Then using a paint stickI painted in the numbers.

stenciled weathered DIY hang tags

To distress the new paint look of the numbers, I gave them a good sanding then added the jute.

weathered nautical hang tags

DIY weathered hang tags

Perfect little tags that look like they've spent time 

out on the open sea!

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