Thursday, August 16, 2012

Pretty Scarf Organization

Today I'm talking organization...
Cleaning out that messy bedroom closet...
What to do with all those scarves?

Here is an idea that is so pretty you may just want to hang your scarves on display!

I started with a vintage hanger and large binder rings...

I twisted the scarves like they do in the stores and slipped 
the ring through the looped end...

And here's the scoop on twisting the scarves...

1. Fold the scarf in 1/2
2. Holding the scarf in each hand twist, 
left hand one way and right hand the other...
3. Keep twisting...
4. The scarf will twist back onto itself and 
naturally fold in 1/2 again
5. Thread the loose end into the looped end
6. Add the ring to the other end of the twist.

Phew... that was a little hard to explain!

Now to wear a scarf you just unclip the ring and
untwist the scarf... no wrinkles!

Pretty and functional!



  1. Great site, valuable and very useful information,you has provided us for that I really thankful to you.

  2. What a great idea, thanks for sharing it.

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  4. Does anyone know where I can buy these rings?

    1. Melissa you can buy the rings at Staples or a stationery store....

    2. Thanks so much...I was going to try there tomorrow. I tried Michaels & Walmart but they didn't have them. Thanks for posting I love this idea!!

  5. Another big were these rings in diameter?

    1. I think they were 2". I hope you find them!

    2. Found the rings and have it all done:) Love it!!

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  7. oh yes - very pretty! I have mine just stuffed in a basket....i love your twisted pretty look much better!

  8. this looks so nice. pinned for future reference!


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