DIY Dog Fence

Our Jack Russell can climb a fence. Don't let that innocent look fool you!
Jack Russell Terrier

She was climbing up the side of a 2 1/2' dog fence  and waking us up every night. 

I know... she's amazing... but that had to stop!

I tried the store bought fences and gates, she either climbed over the top or broke through.

Tried the crate... no luck.

I decided to build a fence myself, this way it could be high enough (I hope) and sturdy.

Dog fence in corner with feed bowls

I toe-nailed together 2x4 pieces of wood.

I attached metal screening with heavy duty staples and screws and washers at each corner. 

Wooden corner of fence with hardware cloth

I stained the wood with a vinegar and  steel wool solution then added a little number bling.

After all, if I have to have a dog fence in my kitchen it should look nice.

Metal number 219 on wooden fence

A decorative solution to a climbing Jack Russell.

Chalkboard hanging on fence says Do not climb

I wonder if she can read too...?

** Update. You may want to add plexiglass to the inside of the wire. 


                        diy dog fence pin with overlay

Want to make a dog fence of your own? 

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