Framing a Masterpiece

This painting is hanging in my kitchen over my farm table.

Framing a Masterpiece

It is very special to me because my oldest daughter painted it for my 50th birthday.

Not only is it special because she painted it for me,
but the painting reminds me of my father's hands.

Framing a Family Masterpiece

The picture is painted on masonite so it was not easy to hang.  

I repurposed these curtain tie backs and screwed them into the studs.

The painting has been hanging there for a couple of years now.

Curtain tie backs hang a painting

 I finally decided it needed a deserving frame and luckily I just picked up an old wooden bench from the side of the road. 

The bench was a disaster but some of the old wood was very salvageable.

I pulled apart the bench and measured the picture for the frame on the basement floor.

Creating a reclaimed wood frame for a painting

I used an L bracket to join the corners then nailed the picture to the back of the frame.

Creating a reclaimed wood sign for a painting with L brackets

Some of my favorite holes and dings on this reclaimed frame are the things that give it character.

The metal plate that was on the front of the bench and now proudly sits in the center of the frame.

Creating a reclaimed wood painting for a painting using an old bench

This framed masterpiece is a beautiful picture reminiscent of my Dad's strong hands, painted by my artist daughter and framed by me.

Creating a reclaimed wood frame for a painting using an old bench

Reclaimed wooden framed painting over a farmhouse table

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