Antiquing Solutions for Shiny Metal

Today I'm trying the Lysol antiquing solution and comparing it to Sophisticated Finishes.
Row of 4 pails with different patinas

I began with several buckets from IKEA

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Shiny IKEA pail

The first one I painted with the Rust antiquing solution, here it is wet.

2 ikea pails, one shiny and one distressed

and here it is the next morning. 

They recommend letting the finish cure overnight.

Sophisticated finishes bottle and a shiny bucket

I liked the results. 

The second one I painted with only the Patina Green and here it is wet.

Patinad bucket and a Sophisticated finishes bottle

Here it is the next morning.

Sophisticated finishes bottle and ikea pail

I like it. 

The third I painted with the Iron and the Patina Green here it is wet.

2 bottles of Sophisticated Finishes and a pail with a patina

and here it is the next morning.

2 bottles of Sophisticated finishes and an iron looking pail

Notice the green patina that develops overnight.

Metal pail with a rustic patina 


And then I tried the Lysol. 

I put one bucket inside the other with the Lysol in between. 

I left it there for a couple of hours then rinsed it off.

Glass jar inside a metal bucket

and here it is the next morning.

Lysol cleaner and a metal pail 

This also turned out great! 

Now here they are all together.

Row of 4 buckets with different patinas

From left to right they are... 

Lysol, Rust, Patina Green and Iron with Patina Green.

4 pails with different patinas 

While I like the Rust finish and I've used it on other projects like chicken wire

You can also see it put to work when I aged a metal garbage can for the garden

You can read all about those procedures by visiting the blue links. 

My favorite is the Iron with the Patina Green on top. 

I drilled a hole in each side of the can and added wire and a wooden handle.

Metal patina bucket with a handle and ball of string

Please note that the directions on the bottles may vary slightly from my experiments.

Metal bucket with ball of string and pinterest words

I have trouble with directions. 

Some bottles tell you to use directly on the steel, others tell you to use it with another product like the Patina Green on top of the Iron. 

These products can also be used on ceramics, wood, and other surfaces. 

A sealer is recommended.

Use care when using these products for other than what they were made for. 

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