Recycled DIY Dyed Fringed T-Shirt Scarf

These are recycled t-shirt scarves made from old white t-shirts that belonged to my husband. You would have never guessed! 

scarves made from t shirts

I have a whole bunch of his old t-shirts and I was dying (no pun intended) to try this. 

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First the dye...

I used 2 colors Rit Wine and Royal Blue for this project.

Since the original writing of this project, Rit dye now comes in easy to use bottles. 

box of rit dye

I have to admit I thought dying fabric was going to be very messy but it wasn't too bad. 

First I gathered a couple of very large pots...

Large metal pots

I filled them with hot water, the dye packet and 1/2 cup of salt.

shirts in blue dye

I submerged the t-shirts and while I was at it I threw in a couple of white shirts that might look nice in Wine or Royal Blue.

pot of t shirts in blue dye with tongs

I held down the fabrics with kitchen utensils so all the fabric was under the water.

rinsing blue t shirt in the sink

I rinsed the shirts with cold water then put them in the washing machine and ran them through a full cycle, then into the dryer.

I cut the across the t-shirt from under the arm straight across to the under the other arm. 

I then cut off the hem on the bottom so I had a large circular tube. (the body of the shirt) 

I cut slits in my t-shirts about every inch from bottom to top. I cut from the bottom of the shirt, then I pulled the slit to stretch it about 3-4" from the edge of top. The t-shirt material stretches a lot so it gets large. 

And here are my new fringe scarves.

Row of fringed scarves on hangers

The gray and the black were from gray and black t-shirts, it couldn't be easier and no dye involved. 

The stringy scarves (on the right below) are made by cutting strips of the t-shirt across the chest of the shirt once the arms and hem are removed. 

Cut 1-2" strips all the way down the shirt keeping them in a circle. Stretch the circles so they are all the same size then wrap on 2 sides with another strip of t-shirt fabric. 

I hope this is easy to understand, this scarf is actually my favorite! 

fringed scarves on hangers

The Royal Blue came out more like a dusty blue but the longer you leave the shirt in the dye, the darker it becomes.

These scarves will turn a plain outfit into something special at almost no cost to you! 

Collage of DIY scarves

fringed scarf collage pin


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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. Wow, love the scarves! Great tutorial too, thanks for sharing.

  2. Very pretty, great colors. Thanks for linking up.

  3. please post pictures of the final colors of the dyed blue shirts

    1. Hi The t-shirts I threw in the pot with the scarves are long gone. This is a post from 7 years ago but thank you so much for reminding me how much fun I had making these! The t-shirts came out the same color as the blue scarves pictured above.


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