A Nautical Buoy Crate

Fence boards to create a nautical crate for storage.

After taking apart an old whitewashed gate I was anxious to use the reclaimed wood.

White washed weathered gate

The wood had a beautiful weathered patina from being outside for years. 

This buoy was my nautical inspiration for this project.

red and white buoy for inspiration

I began by creating a box with the gate slats, attaching 2 slats to the front as a partial cover.

When I attached the bottom 2 slats I made them longer than the box and cut the top to create a point.

Using a 1" hole bit I cut a hole for hanging.

clamping the wood to hold it together to create a storage crate

Wood glue and screws make this box sturdy.

I used a long clamp to hold the boards together while the wood glue dried.

When the box was finished I used painter's tape to mask off 2 lines for red stripes.

red stripes to create a buoy look on a DIY crate

I stenciled on a number, distressed the paint, and added a rope thorough the hole for hanging.

White washed weathered wood for a buoy crate

And now the old gate is a nautical buoy box.

Perfect where ever you may need a little extra storage.

red and white striped buoy nautical buoy crate

Like in the bathroom because toilet paper fits perfectly inside.

bathroom storage buoy crate nautical weathered wood

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