Sunday, August 26, 2012

Porthole Mirror

Nothing gives me quite the thrill as looking over a new catalog and finding something
 I like...

Nothing that is, except realizing that 
I have all the pieces and can makit myself!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Antique Shoe Stretchers

We all love the old fashioned shoe thingys that we find 
in the antique and thrift stores….

We make hooks and hangers from them….

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

DIY Business Hang Tags on Word

Here is how you can create your 
own double sided tags using Word.

First I designed my button on 
Ribbit is the new replacement for Picnik
and it is the exact same program. If you miss Picnik you will love Ribbet... The best part is that the premium features are free.

Then I opened Word, made 2 columns, and uploaded my picture 4 times, leaving a space at the top of each for the "hang tag". I also added my bird and my web address to the bottom of the picture. You can add your name, address, phone number or URL.

Using decorative scrap book paper, I cut it to  the size of printer paper. I ran it through the printer with the printed side up and printed out my images.

Next I cut the images into tag shapes...

I added Washi tape from the front, all the way down the back of the card. 

I punched a hole, added twine, and a mini clothes pin. Your tags could have your name, address, website, and phone number.

I put my hang tags in with each Etsy order, 
it reminds people where they bought 
their treasures!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Bottle Crate

Another day, another crate...

This little crate is made from an old weathered pallet...

A coat of vinegar/steel wool solution 
gives it a consistent, all over color...

It is the perfect place to gather 
the tiny bottles I found at a thrift store....

It makes a great little box for rooting plants or pretty buds...

Available for sale on Homeroad

Adorable for any kind of flowers!


Friday, August 17, 2012

Thursday, August 16, 2012

DIY Dog Fence

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Our Jack Russell can climb a fence.
Don't let that innocent look fool you...

She was climbing up the side of a 2 1/2' dog fence 
and waking us up every night. I know... she's amazing...
but that had to stop!

I tried the store bought fences and gates... 
she either climbed over the top or broke through.
Tried the crate... no luck.

I decided to build a fence myself...
this way it could be high enough (I hope) and sturdy.

I toe-nailed together 2x4 pieces of wood and attached metal screening with heavy duty staples and screws with washers at each corner and at the center top and bottom...

I stained the wood with a vinegar and 
steel wool solution then added a little number bling...
after all, if I have to have a dog fence in my kitchen
 it should look nice.

A decorative solution to a climbing Jack Russell...

I wonder if she can read too...?


Funky Junk's Saturday Nite Special

Pretty Scarf Organization

Today I'm talking organization...
Cleaning out that messy bedroom closet...
What to do with all those scarves?

Here is an idea that is so pretty you may just want to hang your scarves on display!

I started with a vintage hanger and large binder rings...

I twisted the scarves like they do in the stores and slipped 
the ring through the looped end...

And here's the scoop on twisting the scarves...

1. Fold the scarf in 1/2
2. Holding the scarf in each hand twist, 
left hand one way and right hand the other...
3. Keep twisting...
4. The scarf will twist back onto itself and 
naturally fold in 1/2 again
5. Thread the loose end into the looped end
6. Add the ring to the other end of the twist.

Phew... that was a little hard to explain!

Now to wear a scarf you just unclip the ring and
untwist the scarf... no wrinkles!

Pretty and functional!


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Rit Dye and a Fringe Scarf

I love Pinterest
I love to find inspiration for new projects...
That is where I found the tutorial for this 
fabulous fringe scarf!

I have a whole bunch of old t-shirts and I was
 dying (no pun intended) to try this...

First the dye...

I used Rit Wine color and Royal Blue... 

I have to admit I thought dying fabric was going to be very messy... it wasn't too bad.

First I gathered a couple of very large pots...

and filled them with hot water,
 the dye packet and 1/2 cup of salt.

I submerged the t-shirts and while I was
at it, I threw in a couple of white shirts that might 
look nice Wine or Royal Blue.

I held down the fabrics with kitchen utensils so all the 
fabric was under the water.

I rinsed the shirts with cold water then put them in the washing machine and ran them through a full cycle, then into the dryer.

I followed the directions for the fringe scarf from my inspiration site
which was a snap...

And here are my new fringe scarves.
(Which I'll probably be sharing with my teenaged girls)

The gray and the black were from gray and black t-shirts, 
it couldn't be easier and no dye involved.

inspiration for scarf on the right

The Royal Blue came out more like a dusty blue but the 
longer you leave the shirt in the dye, the darker it becomes.

*Now just a couple of warnings... 
...make sure your pot doesn't leak onto your counter top because when you use bleach to clean the dye off the counter top you will probably splash bleach onto the white shirt you are wearing that you just dyed Wine colored because it had dark spots and now has white spots on it instead...

Ever read the Cat in the Hat with the big pink spot?



Monday, August 13, 2012

Rustic Driftwood Picture Frame

Are you ready for another
driftwood project 
before the summer is over?

I built a frame using a very long board I found on the beach. I just love boards that wash up, they usually have such a great patina and everywhere there was a nail or a screw is the most beautiful rusty mark.

This was actually my very first attempt at cutting 45 degree angles with my chop saw.
I admit I'm a little afraid of this saw...

My cuts came out very well if I do say so myself... I glued and stapled each corner.

I used clamps going each way until the glue dried... You really need these clamps!

I drilled a hole in the top of the frame and added this rusty screw eye. 
The screw eye was actually attached to this board when I found it on the beach.

I added a picture of my in-laws 
circa 1959 with a heavy cardboard backing.

It's a very old picture with some awesome 
color distortions.

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