French Typography Box

7:22 AM

Did you ever see something at the thrift 
store that you weren't quite sure what it was?

I found this wooden thing that I was pretty sure
was once someone's Jr. High shop project...

As a matter of fact on the back it had 
the name Tammy with the year 1978.

I wasn't sure what this box was, but I knew what it could be...

I had in mind a graphic from the 

The shape of this French typography was perfect for this project!

See what I mean?

I thought this would make a great small planter... 
or candle holder...
or both.

And then I thought it would be the perfect place
to hold small appetizer dishes 
or napkins...

It may have once been a Jr. High shop project... 
but it sure looks good now!

Available on my Etsy shop if you love it!

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  1. I do love this! I love it with the plates and you're right, napkins would look pretty displayed in there too!


  2. It looks great, Susan! I love how it looks and the many different ways you could use it. I did find something once at the thrift store that looked like it was a shop project. It painted up nicely and I put it in my booth.

  3. How flipping cute did THAT turn out!!

  4. The graphics fit perfectly on that! Very cute.


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