How to Make a DIY Ipad Stand

Today I'm revisiting the ipad stand idea.

A few months ago I made an ipad stand for myself.

I decided to see if I could sell it first at the flea market I took part in... well it sold in seconds.

So I'm made a couple more.

I started out with 2 old cutting boards from the thrift store. I added a stand to the back with old hinges and a Scrabble shelf to the front to hold the ipad. 

I gave the boards 2 coats of Annie Sloan white chalk paint.

then aged them with dark wax and a little distressing.

I'm not stenciling these because I want them to be more generic with a vintage feel.

By leaving the stands aged and distressed, they will look great in most kitchens.

The collapsable stand in the back uses a cotton ribbon 
to make the stand adjustable.

The ipad fits perfectly in the stand and is very sturdy.  

The next time you use the internet for recipes when cooking, think about a stand to hold your ipad.

and here is the newest one...

They were available on my Etsy shop...
but they sold like hot cakes.

Stop by for new stock!

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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife of 28 years, the mother of 4 daughters, and the grandmother of 4 grandsons. I am a DIY Blogger and a part time PreK teacher.


  1. Susan such a swell idea, looks like you've hit jackpot. I especially love the juxtaposition between the distressed, rustic feel of the wood and pencil against the high style sleek ipad - it's a perfect sign of the times. Great work.

  2. I have one of these stands for my iPad. Yours look great...I can see why they sold like hot cakes. Love them!!

  3. They sold like hot cakes because they are so useful. I use my ipad all the time for recipes and it's in a case but the case slides down. I have my wood boards all ready to make one, maybe this weekend?

  4. I love the idea of a cutting board with a handle for this. I have an iPad mini - I'm off to search for mini cutting boards :)

    Thanks Susan!

  5. love them! I wish I had an iPad


  6. Those really are stunning and such a smart idea! I don't have an iPad though. I'd use mine to hold a magazine or recipe book. =) Not surprised they sold like hot cakes!


  7. Love this idea, need to make one for my husband (he's the cook, lucky me!) Happy New Year!xoxo Kathleen


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