Painting the Master Bathroom

Ughhhh is all I can say about this bathroom.

ladder bathroom organizer

but it needed a paint job in the worst way!

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Powdered makeup and hairspray destroyed the paint in this room!

So I put this guy to work again...

You may remember Jim from the ever popular
fire pit build.  Well this time he has a paintbrush in hand, not a ton of pea gravel.  

I try to tell him how lucky he is to be painting rather than hauling gravel.

This bathroom really needed a make-over!

We decided to go with Behr Ultra on top, the color is Tide Pool and it is the perfect shade of turquoise... not too green or blue.

On the bottom we chose Bright White in egg shell finish.
Both paints contain primer.

And this time since it is a small bathroom we are opting
to paint the ceiling the same color.

painting the bathroom ceiling

I did this in my daughter's bathroom and it just works.
(and it is much easier than trying to get a straight line along the top)

We are also changing out all the shiny fixtures in the bathroom while we are at it... I would love to know why fixtures that are meant for the bathroom rust... can anyone answer that for me?

I reused many of the bathroom storage solutions I had in the before room. 

I removed the fabric from this cubbie shelf so the wall color shows through.

cubbie wall unit

graphics to the room.

nautical striped shower curtain

And wire baskets were changed out for dark gray 
canvas bags with rope handles.

They are not only easier to grab, but they don't scratch the shelves!

bathroom organizers

Together my husband and I learned how to change a light fixture and the new one looks great over the mirror.

The bathroom now looks
clean and bright!

A successful make-over and no heavy hauling involved!

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