How to Make a Litter Box End Table

How do you hide the cat litter box when you live 
in a small apartment?

That was the challenge my daughter gave me for their new apartment.

Today we are hiding a litter box in an end table.

The end table was an 80's reproduction ice box end table.

We started out by removing the door and popping out the thin wood that was behind the frame.

Using a paint can for a circle, I traced an arch onto a 
piece of masonite board, then cut it out with a jigsaw and sanded.

I replaced the cut board back into the door and re-painted the door white.

The door easily screws back in place on the end table and Cletus (don't ask) has a place do his business that is hidden from view.

And now for the big test.... Will he do it?

Success! Yay Cletus!

Kasey and her husband John are moving into a new, very small apartment on the campus of a private school.  

Stay tuned for more fun projects...

The transformation made to that apartment is nothing short of amazing!

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