Saturday, September 7, 2013

Rustic Peg Hooks

I'm hooked on these vintage pegs!

Vintage pegs left over from an antique bed I repurposed
were too good to throw away...

So with some driftwood lumber scraps and a little bling,
I repurposed those pegs into rustic hooks...

Different woods and different bling hang in a cohesive group
thanks to the uniformed brass accents...

Are you hooked?


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  1. These pegs are so beautiful in their rustic simplicity. I lo-ove them.

  2. Great idea - as always! You let NOTHING go to waste, Good girl!

  3. Definitely hooked! What a fun grouping.

  4. My husband hung a project for me today from a meat hook - his own idea. I felt like he was channeling you.


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