The Nut Bowl

6:56 PM

One of my favorite things to do is to 
marry pieces of junk to other pieces and come 
up with a whole new creation...

That is where this post began...

A bowl, a door knob, and a metal pedestal 
turned into this adorable bowl...

A Nut Bowl I thought... Perfect!

I was just about to pour the acorns I had collected
into the bowl for decoration, when I spied someone watching me
from across the table...

He was looking over rather nonchalantly...

As soon as I poured the acorns into the bowl...

Pow! He was in!.... 

Comfy as can be in the middle of my nut bowl creation.

I wasn't too sure what to do with him... he was in deep!

He looked perfectly happy and in no hurry to leave.

So I thought it best to let him stay there 
enjoying the new nut bowl... 

after all he looked rather happy, maybe he's a junk lover too...

(Don't you just love a creative mind...)

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  1. What a cute idea ! and your visitor is pretty cute too !

  2. And the little critter looks so natural in the nut bowl....he is a cutie and your nut bowl looks awesome!

  3. You're a bit squirrelly this morning!

  4. Yes I do love a creative mind! He's happy now!


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