Friday, October 25, 2013

Tin Heart Bling Ornaments

Tin tiles get a new life...

A load of tin tiles from the thrift store were too interesting to just leave there... I used the stainless steel tiles to tile above my stove... but I wasn't sure what to do with the gold and the brass tiles that were also part of my haul, until now....

I traced a heart onto the tiles and cut them using regular scissors... 

It is important to sand the edges to smooth the sharp edges!

I made a similar tin ornament a few years ago...

This time I painted the tin with white chalk paint...

When the paint dried I sanded the heart so the gold and silver 
showed through.  I waxed the hearts for protection and punched a hole in the top and the bottom to hang the bling...

The glass bling was leftover from an old chandelier...
(everything I work with is leftover from something)

Each heart is hanging from a length of glass chain...

and a larger glass jewel is hanging from the bottom.

A bow is tied onto each heart...

And the result is a year round ornament...

These hearts make great holiday ornaments or
 gifts for any occasion! 


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  1. I heart these! So cute and can't believe you could cut them with regular scissors! Ü

  2. Very cute! The white was a great choice.

  3. I love them! love that they're white... but could see them as so many different colors. The bling is fabulous, would LOVE to have all those glass crystals. You're such a tease (on fb) can't wait to see where these end up. ;)

  4. Those would look so pretty hanging on a country Xmas tree. I can't believe you could use regular scissors to cut them. Amazing!


  5. Very pretty... I like that the bottom beads are different sizes.

  6. Susan, did sanding the edges make them smooth enough or did you have to file them? They are just beautiful!

    1. Sanding with sandpaper made them smooth enough... no filing needed :) Thanks!

  7. Your left over junk is much more beautiful than the stuff I find. No crystal laying around for me unfortunately.

  8. just lovely and very inspirational thanks for sharing

  9. Super cute! I love the white and I love the red with the keys too.


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