How to Make a Desk Using Pennies

Here is how to create an awesome epoxied desk 
using pennies.

This is a project done entirely by my oldest daughter Kasey whose creativity never ceases to amaze me.

My oldest daughter stopped over one day and asked me to cut a piece of wood for her with my circular saw.

I was ready...

Cutting the wood and adding a piece of molding to the edge was my only part in this amazing project.

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The wood she used was a composite wood board that will hold the weight of the pennies. 

Kasey took the board back to her apartment and got to work.

First she painted the board black.

Then she covered the board with pennies using super glue.

Lot's of pennies!

So many pennies in fact that she had to go back to the bank 3 times. 

On the front edge of the desk, she bent pennies at a right angle with a plier so they would go around the corner... 

Yes she did!

On the edges of the desk she used tin snips and cut pennies in half so they would fit perfectly along the edge.

When the glue dried, the desk was coated with epoxy called Parks Super Glaze.

Following the directions very carefully, she gave the table
3 coats of epoxy.

The finish is now smooth as glass and amazingly awesome!

The table will be supported in an alcove with a black filing cabinet on one side and legs on the other.

An amazing job if I do say so!

What could you cover with pennies? 
A kitchen countertop? A dresser? 

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