Washi Tape Craft Carousel

This little thrift store find said spice rack on the package.

An old spice rack gets repurposed into a Washi Tape Dispenser

I don't cook and would barely know what to do with a spice rack, let alone spices. 

So I'm going with the fact that there are some great pieces of workable junk in this bag.

After I read the lengthy directions for assembling the spice rack, discovered it's true calling.

But for me.... it was no spice rack!

A Washi Tape Dispenser created from a spice rack

I gave my creation a coat of grey paint, and added the enclosed "lazy Susan" to the bottom 

and then I discovered something really cool.... that Washi Tape fit perfectly!

Washi Tape!

I imagined this spinning craft center filled with rolls of beautiful colored Washi tape... on both sides!

The Perfect Washi Tape Dispenser created from a spice rack

Then it only got better.

I found this great little latch from my junk stash and added it to the side.

It was perfect to hold a pair of scissors!

Scissor holder on the side of a Washi Tape Dispenser

Great for cutting the Washi Tape!

The perfect Washi tape dispenser made from a lazy susan spice rack

So I'm calling this creation a Washi Tape Craft Carousel 
because it looks like it was just meant to be!

Spice rack... yeah right!

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