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In case you are new here, I am Susan and Homeroad is my blog.

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Today my projects are 2 fun ways to hang your wreaths.

Why hang a wreath on a nail when junky vintage pieces are just too beautiful to throw away?

rustic wreath hanger

Think out of the box and use these fun items as unique display pieces.

For the first one, I used a beautiful vintage dresser leg, I sanded the end to give it a flat surface. 

I painted the leg orange with a coat of dark wax, then attached it to a small piece of
reclaimed wood with a sawtooth hanger on the back.

The result is a unique hanger that can be used for any size wreath and gives it an added element of design. 

wreath hanger with a wreath

For the other wreath hanger I used this very unusual "rocker-like" piece. 

I have no idea what it was but I attached it to a narrow reclaimed fence board, dark stained the board then added a little keyhole bling.

unusual hook hanger 

One side of this interesting piece is secured to the board while the other end makes the perfect hook.

rustic wreath hanger hook

unique wreath hook with wreath

I love the way these wreath hangers look and the added layer of rustic, junky charm it gives to the wreaths.


wreath hanger chair leg www.homeroad.net

I don't throw away any unique pieces... 
they always seem to turn up in a project somewhere!

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