Textured Paint for a Cement Look

My goal is to reproduce this beautiful finish.

white old world finish on a hook

This very cool candle holder was found at the thrift store.

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Shabby chic white rustic paint treatment

I love it and I use it as a hook in my bathroom.

More importantly I thought if I could reproduce this finish, the thrift store possibilities would be endless!

This is a work in progress but my first thought was to use white paint and add a ton of non-sanded grout to the paint. 

I used a creamy white flat latex paintThe recipe? The ratio I used was about 1:3 1 part non-sanded grout to 2 parts paint.

You will have to experiment with the paint you are choose. You can also use baking soda in your paint. 

The trick here is to dab on the paint, don't drag the brush.

paintbrush and can of paint

The first experiment was on a piece from an old lantern.

White bird on lantern top painted white

This is the first coat and it looks great already and it is really sticking well! 

If you don't want the chunks you can knock them off when wet but they give it a real old world look.

Next, I tried it on a frame. By just dabbing the paint onto the frame I was able to keep a lot of the chunky look.

The trick is to give it a few coats. Let the paint dry then give it 2 more coats!

2 frames: gold and white painted

Then I tried it on an old rusty candle holder.

This is the perfect example where rust is not a good thing.

rusty black pedestal and painted white one

And finally, the experiment I was the most curious about was on a hook that I removed from my bathroom.

chrome hook and painted white hook

I was tired of that very shiny chrome look and was thrilled to see that this hook could look so much better with a textured patina. 

Each of these items got another coat of very sanded grout paint then I sponged on a little gray paint for added dimension.

painting process on metal pieces

Here are the finished products...

frame, hook and candle holder

I am especially happy with the hook!

I was a little worried that since the original finish was so shiny and a hook is used so much, that the paint might scrape off.  

I gave the hook a finishing coat of Polycrylic which sealed it completely and gave it a very hard finish.


Textured painted off white hook with grey accents

* update-  The shabby chic paint on the hook is still going strong 2 years later!

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textured paint pin

My paint color choice was a little more cream than white but imagine the different colors you could use for this.


Imagine the thrift store possibilities, old brass? 

Old light fixtures maybe? 

I'm so glad to have found an inexpensive Shabby Chic finish that looks great!

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