Craft Fair

6:00 AM

After stock piling my handmade items for a few years now,
the time had come for my first craft fair.

I did a community yard sale last spring and it was 
a success so I knew being a seasoned pro now, 
everything would be fine...

That is at least until I saw my space...

That was it...

I would have an 8' x 16" table in this space. It is inside the library and along a small blank wall. I could block only one of the doors...

Now I may be wrong but that doesn't look like much space... 

I had a LOT of stuff!

Being new at this I wasn't sure how to proceed. 
But I knew my only choice was to go up.

In my basement stash I had what I hoped to be the solution...
An old wooden screen door and the cover to a radiator that I had found on the side-of-the-road...

I added horizontal shelves and clips to each one.  These 2 shelving units could now lean against the wall and hold items for display.

I also used many old crates to go up the wall to give my booth height... I filled every inch of that little space and it looked great.

I handed out business cards and had an ipad playing Christmas music while displaying the Homeroad home page so visitors could 
see what it was all about.

I had a great time at my first sale. I sold almost everything. 

My prices were good, my overhead is low, 
and my stock over-floweth.

I promoted my Annie Sloan Chalk Paint sponsor 
by handing out paint stick business cards...

For 2 whole days it was fun to promote Homeroad and 
what I do for fun. People were excited
to buy my repurposed crafts and to learn about making 
great use of old junk.

I do have to say... I'm pooped. It is a big job!

I think I'll start collecting for my next craft fair now!

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  1. Oh wow Susan, your booth looked great! I would have bought something for sure too - look at all those goodies! I hope you did well and had some fun.

  2. I can see why your craft sale was a success, Susan. Lots of great stuff!

  3. Wow! Just beautiful! You have so many cute things for sale! :)

  4. Wow! Beautiful space and awesome use of it too! What an amazing feeling it must have been to be so successful! Very happy for you!

  5. Great looking booth! Congrats on your great show. Sure wish I could have been there to shop!

  6. I'm so happy your show went well, Susan! Your booth looked amazing. Congrats!

  7. You really know how to maximize a small space… Your handmade items looks great, no wonder you were so successful!

  8. Susan! You have to tell me when you're doing your next craft fair. I'd love to come and you know I'm just a hop, skip and a jump over here in Nassau!


  9. Really nice... your spot looks great... cozy!


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