Monday, January 6, 2014

Message Center with a Twist

Message center with a twist...

chalk board message center

This wooden tray was an interesting thrift store find.

It had great large metal handles... only problem was
that one of the sides was broken off when I bought it.

chalk board message center

Rather than trying to fix it... I'm changing it.

I flipped the broken piece around to the top of the tray 
rather than gluing it back onto the side. 

I gave the tray a coat of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint 
in French Linen, leaving the center unpainted.

chalk board message center

I went back to the center with a few coats of 
chalk board paint.

chalk board message center

I knew the large handles were great for something
other than a handle and here it is...

I attached curtain hooks through the tray handle.
Now it is a great place to clip on a photo or a note.

Sunglasses which are always hard to keep track of,
hang in plain view.

chalk board message center

A great little message center with a handle twist!

chalk board message center

Look beyond the obvious and imagine the possibilities. 

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  1. Really cute Susan! Love the clips on the handle!

  2. Yes the curtain clips are great... very nice idea...

  3. That is so clever! I love that the handles have such a practical purpose.


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