Chicken Feeder Planter

My experience with chicken feeders is zero at best
but a couple of years ago I ordered one online.

Chicken feeder planter

I was a little disappointed when it came but I made the best of it by trying a few options.

I painted it white and stained the back board but I was still not thrilled.

Then not knowing what to do with it next, I gave it to my very talented daughter for her apartment.

And she did this...

DIY wall garden from a repurposed chicken feeder

She knew just what to do with it.

She cut a board to the size she needed then attached the chicken feeder to the center of the board. 

Then using hexagon tiles, she tiled all around the chicken feeder, cutting smaller tiles as needed.

Cutting tiles to create a DIY wall planter

DIY tiled wall garden from a repurposed chicken feeder

When the tiling and grouting was finished,
Kasey added trim molding to the edges to finish the piece.

Now that darn chicken feeder is downright gorgeous and has a place on the wall in her living room holding ivy that will eventually trail down the sides.

DIY tiled wall garden from a repurposed chicken feeder

Who knew a chicken feeder could look so good!

Kasey designed my logo for Homeroad and can design you one too! 

For more information on how to build your own 


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