Striped Walls in the Bathroom

Taking this apartment bathroom/laundry room
from this sorry space.

wide striped painted walls

to a fabulous striped beauty was an overnight success!

Literally I mean overnight.

After taking down the ugly (and gross) glass shower
doors, and replacing them with a white ruffled curtain.

stackable washer and dryer in a closet

The bathroom was painted in an eggshell finish...

Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore on the first day.

stackable washer and dryer

And yes, this bathroom doubles as the laundry room, 
the door had to come off the closet but the washer and dryer fit perfectly.

On the second day, (and into the night) using Lancaster White Wash in a semi-gloss... the magic happened!

wide striped painted walls

First, you need to figure out approximately how wide you
want your stripes.

Measure the height of the wall and divide by the size of the stripe. 

This probably won't be a whole number so your bottom stripe may be a tiny bit off, this one is .25" shorter than the rest... if you care, you can work in fractions of inches. 

horizontal striped walls
As you can see this room is a work in progress!

Make your registration marks all along the wall so you
are sure to have the tape even the whole length of the wall.

I love the way the white stripe in the semi-gloss is shinier than the grey stripe.

wide striped painted walls

The interior doors were painted black and make a great contrast against the light striped walls.

horizontal striped walls in bathroom  and black interior door

wide horizontal stripes in bathroom

wide striped painted walls

wide striped painted walls

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