Easy DIY Valentine Cloche

Turning a Mason jar into a cloche is as easy as 1 2 3!
Easy DIY Valentine Cloche

1. I used a mason jar lid with a straw hole in the top. I flipped it over and screwed through a washer and the lid to attach it to a broken pedestal stand. You can also use a thrift store candlestick.
I used an inexpensive chalk paint to paint the knob and the candlestick.
I just love how this paint sticks to everything!

2. Next, I attached a wooden knob to the bottom of the Mason jar with E6000 glue... it holds like crazy!
Easy DIY Valentine Cloche to fill with treats
3. I filled the jar with hearts then screwed it
back onto the lid base.

You can use any kind of jar with a lid and attach it to an old candlestick.You can create many variations of this project.
Easy Valentine Cloche to fill with treats
You can add vinyl hearts or words to the jar for an added touch.
Easy Valentine Cloche to fill with a photo
Fill the jar with candy, a special photo, hearts, or even a special gift or gift card. 
Easy Valentine Cloche to fill with candy
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