Rusty Spring Photo Display

Sometimes I'm just walking through a room 
and something catches my eye and sparks my creativity.

Rusty Spring Photo Display.

That's what happened today when I walked past the wreath holder I made a while back.

DIY Rusty Spring Photo Display.

As I walked past the wreath holder, I wondered if an old rusty spring would fit around it.

(It's very strange what I think about sometimes)

and it did fit ... just perfectly!

Rustic DIY Rusty Spring Photo Display.

So I dressed it up with a few old keys over the top then clipped on a few distressed clothes pins.

Repurposed Rustic DIY Rusty Spring Photo Display.

and it ended up making an awesome photo display!

Repurposed Rustic Rusty Spring Photo Display.

I love it when that happens!

That cutie with the giant space between her teeth is me!

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