Up-cycling Metal Dollar Store Signs

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Today I'm up-cycling metal dollar store signs...

Up-cycling Metal Dollar Store Signs. Homeroad.net

and transforming them into signs you'll use every day.

DIY Up-cycling Metal Dollar Store Signs. Homeroad.net

The first thing I did was to take the signs outside and spray them with chalk board paint.

See a list of products you can use to make this project at the bottom of the post. 

I had never used the spray chalkboard paint before and WOW!

Winner! I may never go back to the chalk board paint in the can.

The spray was way easier!... except for the snow.

metal signs up-cycled into chalk boards www.homeroad.net

And that's it... 

The first sign got vinyl lettering in the center so it can be used as a count down for a special occasion.

DIY Metal Dollar Store Signs. Homeroad.net

On the second sign I also used vinyl lettering... and attached a chalk board ledge to the bottom.

DIY Chalkboard Metal Dollar Store Signs. Homeroad.net

It's a great place to keep track of the items you need at the store.

And the fact that these metal signs are magnetic is a bonus!

I attached magnets to the back of a couple of 

 they will be great for holding those coupons I always forget 
to bring when I go to the grocery store. 

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  1. Those signs look great Susan, specially the 'grocery' one with the clothespins!!

  2. How are you making out with the snow today????? I have nowhere to go thankfully. =) Love your signs. I really need that grocery one!


  3. Very clever Susan. I have used the spray chalkboard paint and can't seem to get an even covering. I just purchased a can of it to try painting it on. We'll see. Love your little signs. Did you have to prep the metal first?
    Adina @ Simply Country Life

    1. Didn't prep a thing, though you could sand it a little... I didn't and it is fine :) Thanks!

  4. Cute and affordable idea, Susan! I did over a metal sign I had but wasn't using anymore several years ago. I did a Ballard copycat from ones they had as just magnetic boards. I still use it today in our laundry room.

    1. Love doing copy cats Kathy! Thanks for the visit!

  5. Great idea! I'm redoing my son's bedroom this month - I may just have to bust one of these out for his desk wall!

  6. Love these. I've been using the spray chalkboard paint for a few years and as long as you spray very light coats I find that I have no problems with it!

  7. I've used the spray paint kind, but not the one you have to brush on. I thought it went on great too.

  8. Good timing on this post. We play cards most Saturday nights and at the end of the year everyone always says "oh I never won this year" and we know they do, so this year I'm keeping track. Perfect idea.

  9. You must have a way better dollar store than I do. Haha. Great idea for a simple upcycle.

  10. These are so much fun!! Great way to use those signs...now I need to add that to my "buy that list" too :)

  11. Nice article, Susan with great ideas! Thanks a lot!


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