Friday, March 7, 2014

Rolling Storage

Under Grandma's hope chest is secret storage...

under the hope chest rolling storage

Using an old beat up, distressed drawer with a license plate
attached and 4 castors added to the bottom...

under the hope chest rolling storage
Beware of dust bunnies!

is the perfect place for extra storage.

under the hope chest rolling storage

It rolls out when you need it and adds a little junky charm
peeking out from under Grandma's hope chest.

under the hope chest rolling storage

This old hope chest held all kinds of treasures...
my mother's christening gown, wedding photos,
 and believe it or not.... 
a piece of Grandma & Grandpa's wedding cake!

They were married 69 wonderful years!

And yes, Grandma's hope chest is on my list
of furniture to be painted. It is a beautiful
piece with a lot of detail.

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  1. Already had rolling storage drawers on my list to make, now I have to add license plates too them as well.


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