Miss Mustard Seed Milk Painted Wooden Folding Chairs

6:11:00 AM

Not too long ago I ran across a pile of
vintage folding chairs on the side of the road...

Miss-Mustard-Seed-Milk-Painted-Folding-Chairs www.homeroad.net

There were 12 of them, each stenciled with the word
BENTLY on the back of the chair...

So you know it, I pulled over and tossed all 12 of them
into the back of my SUV. 

A quick two coats of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint
in Kitchen Scale...

Miss-Mustard-Seed-Milk-Painted-Folding-Chairs www.homeroad.net

and these chairs never looked better... 

Miss-Mustard-Seed-Milk-Painted-Folding-Chairs www.homeroad.net

Mind you I have yet to paint all 12 of them...

But I did paint 2 of them and they're going 
into the Homeroad Shop.

Miss-Mustard-Seed-Milk-Painted-Folding-Chairs www.homeroad.net

A quick fix that made a 100% difference!

Miss-Mustard-Seed-Milk-Painted-Folding-Chairs www.homeroad.net

for her wedding shower.

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  1. I'm sure they will sale immediately. Pretty!
    Have a blessed Tuesday...

  2. I LOVE THEM!!
    And I'm terribly jealous that you found them roadside! I've gotten a lot of cool things that way - but that might take the cake!

  3. I love that style chair! And the color is gorg. I am dying to try her paints!


  4. I have a pile of these in my shed...I may just have to dust them off and paint them! LOVE the color!

  5. I wish I could just follow your car around and see where you find all this great stuff on the side of the road! Love the update.

  6. Wow! Twelve of them! What a great find Susan!
    Love the color and the transformation.


  7. I bought some of these when a local church was upgrading their chairs. They are very handy to have since they fold up and can go into a closet. I haven't painted mine yet, thanks for the nudge.

  8. Hi, just scrolling through your blog posts tonight. Found you on Pinterest. Cute chairs!


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