Beautiful Outdoor Side Table Makeover

I love to makeover furniture!

Here is a project I just finished that is just my style!

I tried my best to save this old table, it's beautiful but rickety.

I tried to glue it, screw it, nail it... no luck!


I took it apart.

And saved the beautiful top.

Then I had this old folding table...

with great legs, and I had an idea.

I easily attached the legs to the bottom of the table top using screws through the mesh.

not so pretty under here!

Then using my orbital sander I sanded the daylights out of the table top.

I gave it a coat of furniture wax for protection.

Holy cow is that wood beautiful! 

No need for any words or decorations on this baby.

Good save!

And in case you're wondering what is going
 to happen to the extra pieces...

I promise you I will think of something!

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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife of 28 years, the mother of 4 daughters, and the grandmother of 4 grandsons. I am a DIY Blogger and a part time PreK teacher.


  1. Well...I guess this doesn't count for more furniture inside...because it is
    It is really pretty. That wood does glow!!


  2. Susan I am just loving your blog and I get excited we I see you pop up on my reader. I know you will always have something that interests me. And you didn't let me down today, love that table top. Pure genius putting it on the folding legs.

  3. Yep - You'll think of something... Good save indeed. You're amazing!

  4. LOVE it! I found a beauty today too and will be posting it! ;)Alyssa of Boston Bee

  5. What a smart way to repurpose! I love the wood mixed with the iron. This makes me want to take my same iron table and do this. Maybe you can use the top as some kind of planted garden art?

  6. Just beautiful!!
    Love the white mannequin too!!

  7. Ooo, I liked that top too how it's curvy! Nice job putting the two together, it must have been ment to be!

  8. Ok, so I see those old rusty table's at garage sales all the time, usually in the free pile. Never would I think to put a new top on one. Well, till now that is.


  9. Great save...again!! I know we'll be seeing that metal table top again soon :). Laurel

  10. hmmmm now I have an idea... Thanks Susan! Love your new table.


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