Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Creative Ways to Display Your Photos

Do your pictures end up in a drawer?

Or worse yet left on your computer?

Here are some creative ways to see 
your pictures everyday!

Happy memories are meant to be displayed...

Gallery Wall Photo Display

Walking into a room and seeing my photos makes me happy...

I display old pictures...
Fan Cover Photo Display

New pictures....
Antique Photo Frame

Vacation photos...

Don't hide your pictures in a drawer...
and for goodness sakes don't leave them on your computer!

Driftwood Stand Photo Holder

Have your pictures printed and display them around your home...

Mini Magnet Photo Holder

Children grow up fast, it is nice to look around and
remember those times...

Crib Spring
I also appreciate seeing photos of loved ones who are
no longer with us as a daily reminder...

Driftwood Photo Holder

So get creative with your photo displays...

Junk Pieced Photo Frame

The memories will make you smile :)

Framed Photo Display


  1. What clever ideas for displaying photos in unusual ways. That's what makes a room feel like home. I especially love your display holding an old photo and a description of "decadence". I hope that school is going well for you and you have creatively talented children in your class!

  2. I love the ideas of displaying photos in unusual ways.

    Denyse @ Glitter, Glue & Paint

  3. Susan thank you for reminding us to do this. We get so many and put them away. I am going to sort through mine and put some out and enjoy them. I loved how you displayed yours.

    1. Thanks so much Lin! Yes, it is very important to keep those memories close.... if you're like me you forget what the kids were like back then...


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