A Golden Antler Ornament Display

What would you do with an old antler if you found one?

Golden antler with Gilding Wax www.homeroad.net

that was by the way attached to a partial skull?

Well you start off by cutting off the skull... ewww!

I used my table saw... and let me tell you it was not a good smell.

Next, using E6000 glue and a screw I attached the antler to a piece of wood... I've added affiliate links in bold to help you complete this project.

Golden antler with Gilding Wax www.homeroad.net

When you click on the orange Amazon affiliate links you will be taken to the products I use for this project. There is no additional cost to you and Homeroad receives a few cents to help me bring these projects to you! 

Golden antler with Gilding Wax www.homeroad.net

Now comes the fun part... 

I painted the antler with gold Rub and Buff, (this link is an alternative to the costly brands)... Instant gorgeous!!

Golden antler with Gilding Wax www.homeroad.net

This stuff is amazing! It gives a metallic look to anything. 

I've used it on metal hardware..... wood... and now an antler.

Rub and Buff comes in a variety of different colors and each one gives a beautiful finish.

Rub a little on to give anything a little bling.

Golden antler with Gilding Wax www.homeroad.net

These golden antlers are a great place to hang a special ornament...

Golden antler with Gilding Wax www.homeroad.net

A jewelry display, or just modern decor like my client did on her mantel when the holidays are over.

Golden antler with Gilding Wax www.homeroad.net

That old reindeer would be proud.

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I am Susan, the author and creator at Homeroad. I am a wife, mother of 4 daughters, and a grandmother of 5 and counting. I am a retired teacher, a DIY blogger and an artist at heart. .


  1. Wow, you're much braver than I am! Not sure I would have had it in me to saw that thing off! Yours looks fabulous with the gold.

  2. I must admit ewww is what I was thinking at the beginning but, the Antler came out beautiful! Gilding Wax is now on my shopping list!

  3. So where did you even GET a single antler attached to a partial skull? Walk around the forest much??

    1. Hahaha Not even any forests around here Linda.... I found it in a thrift store :)


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