Repurposed Pistachio Nut Bowl

repurposed pistachio bowl

I am keeping this one for sure!

I repurpose a LOT of things.... And for the most part I sell it
because frankly I can't keep it all in my house. 

I have just too much stuff... my workshop takes up 
almost the whole basement now and I have projects filling
the garage that are waiting to be started or completed.

This however is one of those can't live without projects.  

I use it every time I serve pistachio nuts.

repurposed pistachio bowl

I'm including my Amazon affiliate links in orange so I get a few pennies and you can find the products I used at no additional cost to you. 

I made it with a wooden bowl (that I painted blackand a vintage bundt pan from the thrift store.

I attached the 2 bowls with E6000 glue then used a decorative handle from another project on the top as a handle. 

repurposed pistachio bowl

The screw from the handle goes all the way through to the bottom where it is secured with a nut (the other kind of nut), 
a few washers, and a jar lid for extra security.

repurposed pistachio bowl

The design is perfect... The pistachio nuts go in the top
and the discarded shells go in the bottom.

This is an easy repurposing project that you will
want to make for your own home or give as a gift.

And check out the special request nut bowl I made for a customer.

repurposed pistachio bowl

A healthy snack and a repurposed project!

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