Cutting Board Ipad Mini Stand

cutting board ipad mini

Another project favorite...

I am an Ipad stand junky.

When Pottery Barn first came out with theirs I created one of my own... Ever since I've been making and selling cutting board Ipad stands like a crazy lady.

Some were natural using old tools, another striped
 then a painted one, another still had a French flair... 
(click on the links to view each one)

Well today I made an ipad stand that is perfect for the 
ipad Mini or a smartphone.

I use it all the time in the kitchen to hold my ipad mini
for recipes or just to listen to music from my smart phone.

                         cutting board ipad mini

I found an adorable cutting board with a beautiful patina at the thrift store. All I had to do was to give it a coat of dark wax to enhance the already beautiful finish.

I added a rusty stand to the back and a metal tag to the handle.

cutting board ipad mini

The iPad sits securely on a ledge I made from a piece of wood trim.

cutting board ipad mini

I'm always keeping my eyes out for vintage cutting boards!

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