Rag Tag Santa Tassel

Half off at the thrift store got me 
this ceramic Santa head for only $1.

I had an idea and the price tag on this Santa head 
let me take the chance...
If it didn't work out, all I could lose was $1 on this project.
I tore up about a 1/4 yard of painters cloth into a handful of strips about 1" wide. I added thick jute and cotton ribbon strips to the bundle to give it more texture. 

I folded the whole bunch of strips in 1/2 then stuffed the
fold into the Santa head along with a generous amount of
E6000 glue.

When the glue dried I wrapped Santa's
neck in more thick jute then tied a large 
knot in the front.

The pieces of jute that hung down from the knot were 
dipped in more E6000 and stuffed into the gloves.

The top of the head was a challenge because I 
could not drill, no matter how I tried,
into the top of Santa's head for a hanger loop.
I ended up using a piece from an old furniture knob...
I added jute for a loop then glued the metal piece
to the top of Santa's head. 

I'm in love with this adorable Rag-Tag Santa tassel!

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