Cleaning Hardware with Catsup Experiment

I almost never write a post and publish it the same day...
but when my friend Jack told me to use catsup to 
clean my old furniture hardware, I had to give it a try!

Cleaning Hardware with Catsup experiment

First of all, this experiment isn't for the weak stomach...
it was a little gross.

I began with some beautiful vintage hardware. 
I wasn't going for super clean and shiny so I didn't have much
to lose trying the catsup.

Cleaning Hardware with Catsup experiment

I put the hardware into a container and poured on the catsup...

Trying not to gag was the hardest part of this experiment.

Cleaning Hardware with Catsup experiment

I spread the catsup around and let it sit for 30 minutes.

I gave each piece a little scrub with a brush then rinsed
with water. 

Here are the results... 
a little brighter and shinier, which is good, 
I wanted an old patina...

Cleaning Hardware with Catsup experiment

I must say Jack, I think I need to try it on other kinds 
of hardware as well to to come to a firm conclusion.

Since I had the catsup in my refrigerator and it was FREE...
this time I'm pretty happy with the results.

Thanks for the tip Jack!

What do you think? Will you try it on your hardware? 

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