Cotton Drawstring Travel Bags

A supply of cotton drawstring bags are perfect for this project.

cotton drawstring bags with a transfer
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I bought bags similar to these on Amazon. 

I used vintage images from  Knick of Time.

Angie not only makes gorgeous projects, she offers beautiful free vintage printables... perfect for this project!

cotton drawstring bags with a transfer

My all time favorite iron on transfer paper is Riley's TAP paper

You may even be able to find it at your local craft store. 

I printed out my design onto the transfer paper in reverse with a regular printer. 

printer printing an image

The image is then just ironed onto the muslin bag. 

ironing onto muslin

This paper transfers well every time without leaving a film.

cotton drawstring bags with a transfer

I created cotton drawstring bags that are useful in many ways.

I also use them to store small items for travel.

These cute bags are great to keep bathing suits in my beach bag & for keeping delicate items together in my dresser drawers.

They are the perfect size for shoes and purses ...keeping them safe from dust and dirt.

cotton drawstring bags with a transfer

Each of the bags I used is 12" x 12" and when I was finished I added a numbered metal tag on the drawstring.

You can make them in any size. 

Heck, you can even make your own drawstring bags! 

And then make pillows from them

cotton drawstring bags with a transfer

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