Fusion Mineral Paint and a Mail Organizer

Happy New Year!
The new year is the perfect time go get organized!

Organization is always an issue in a busy house... 

Fusion Paint and a Mail Organizer www.homeroad.net

especially the mail, coupons, papers, leashes,
and keys that always seem to be thrown onto the desk...

During a weekly scan of the thrift store shelves 
I ran across a dusty old piece 
that was in desperate need of a new life.

Fusion Paint and a Mail Organizer www.homeroad.net

I couldn't miss the potential in this piece and 
I had some ideas for a make-over...

Today I'm trying Fusion Mineral Paint for the first time... 
I received a box of samples to try and I couldn't wait
to get started. 

Fusion Paint and a Mail Organizer www.homeroad.net

The Fusion Mineral paint comes in gorgeous colors
and there is no waxing involved. For this piece and all the intricate details, I thought the no waxing part would be a great thing. 

I changed out the dated pegs on this piece with metal hooks.
For this piece I just painted right on the wood, no sanding or
priming but if your piece is shiny or has a finish you may 
want to use their Ultra Grip Primer first.

I coated the metal hooks with Ultra Grip to insure that the 
paint would stick to the metal hooks. 

Because I knew these hooks would take a beating... 
I didn't want to take any chances with chipping.

Fusion Paint and a Mail Organizer www.homeroad.net

I painted the entire piece with a very pretty color called Damask.

Fusion Paint and a Mail Organizer www.homeroad.net

And I was done! No need to give it a top coat or wax!

The new Entryway organizer is beautiful and the Fusion Mineral paint really did a fantastic job.  This piece that may have ended up
in the trash turned out beautifully and will be the perfect addition to the kitchen drop station.

Fusion Paint and a Mail Organizer www.homeroad.net

I'm looking forward to using Fusion Mineral Paint again soon!

I loved the way it went on smoothly and covered in 
2 quick coats. The drying time was fast and I loved
the no wax finish which for this project was amazing!

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  1. i love love that color this looks like a high end gorgeous piece now xx

  2. I love the scroll work and the color is fantastic


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