A DIY Metal Pedestal Dish

Pedestal dishes are great for raising up table displays and
making everything you put in them look better.

A DIY Metal Pedestal Dish www.homeroad.net

Today I'm using pieces from the shop to create my own one of a kind pedestal dish that looks fantastic and is created with pieces that cost little or nothing.

I'm using the base from an old lamp and an enamelware plate from the thrift store for this project and it couldn't be simpler to DIY.

I'm very lucky to find dealers where I have access to broken pieces and parts for my projects!

A DIY Metal Pedestal Dish www.homeroad.net

I started out by painting the metal base with Fusion Mineral Paint in Ash. The color was perfect to use with the speckled enamelware plate.

A DIY Metal Pedestal Dish www.homeroad.net

This project is already half way there... Fusion Mineral Paint requires no prep work on this metal piece and no waxing or sealer when you're finished painting. 

When the paint dried I used E6000 to glue the base to the plate turning it all upside down and using an antique iron I keep in the shop to weigh down the piece while it dried. 

You can already see how great these two pieces look together!

A DIY Metal Pedestal Dish www.homeroad.net

I let the glue dry overnight and the pedestal dish is ready for it's curtain call... 

The pedestal dish is finished and ready for a new life as a beautiful decorative piece.

A DIY Metal Pedestal Dish www.homeroad.net
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  1. This is so charming, Susan! I love it.

  2. Love what you did, and really love that enamelware plate! Just think, you could make the stand in different colors of enamelware (if you're lucky enough to find some!):)


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